“ I looooove what you’re wearing!”, said Trisha. “Oh please, of course you like it. Everyone likes it. Look, all the boys stare at me. I think they like me.” I answered. “Hi boys!” I winked at one of the guys I find the cutest. “Alicia, what is wrong with you?” “What’s wrong with me?! […]


I was fixing my hair in the dressing room when someone knocked the door. “Lindsay, this is me.” “Come in”. Robert, my manager, walked into the room. He’s been with me through everything, back when I was still doing minor roles, until now, when I finally became a celebrity. “The recording company said they want […]

Memoirs of a Beautiful Mess PART 1

Memoirs of a Beautiful Mess November, oh November. I felt dysfunctional. I’m whole but torn up inside. I was standing on the platform, but I felt unstable. I felt alone. Friends come and go, they say. I think that was tattooed on my mind so I don’t want to be too attached to friends. I […]

Memoirs of a Beautiful Mess PART 2

Memoirs of a Beautiful Mess December: A season of love, indeed. And I’d like to think this month is memorable. It is a successful month, I believe, because I have spread love not caring if I’ll get in return. This month, I had a great achievement, a great leap in my life for I learned […]

Say You Love Me Too by Vanessa Hidalgo

Say You Love Me Too by Vanessa Hidalgo March 11, 2012 8:20 pm Verse 1: What is it about you, That keeps me smiling all day? What is it about you, That makes my heart race? The moment you put your hand on my shoulder My body felt weak There’s magic between your fingertips. Chorus: […]

How to get a guy’s attention:

How to get a guy’s attention: 1. Act dumb. If he asks you your name, say “Oh, I don’t know.” Or if he asks where you study, tell him, “Um, I forgot.”  If he asks you a question, anything, act like your dog’s smarter than you. With that coy smile. Oh my gosh. He will […]