How-to Save Money:

How-to Save Money:

1. Pretend you forgot your wallet. “Do you mind if you pay for me first? I forgot my wallet. I’ll pay you tomorrow”. There is a big chance she’ll forget about this. Do this once a month and you’ll be rich in no time.

2. Go to grocery stores and look for “free taste” sections. Always complain about the food until you have tried everything. “I don’t really like those crackers, imma move to the next one”.  You’re going out of that grocery store happy, full, and satisfied.

3. Running out of shampoo? Get the empty bottle, just add water then shake. Voila! You have just made more shampoo!

4. Keep an eye out for vending machines for they might have not retrieved change or loose food item that is about to fall off. Just be careful to not shake the vending machine when someone’s around.

6. Wear sunglasses, dirty clothes and get messy hair. Sing sad tragic songs in the streets. And they’ll be like, “Poor fellow, I should give her money”.

7. Avoid watching movies in the cinemas. Just ask your friends to tell stories about what happened in “One More Try”. Make an excuse by telling how you were so busy you can’t afford watching it anymore.

8. Go to lost and found sections and look for great items that come for free. Always remember the quote, finder’s keepers, loser’s weepers.

9. One square of toilet paper is enough.

10. Let your dog sleep on your bed and it may serve as a heater. What a brilliant way to save electricity!

Memoirs of a Beautiful Mess PART 1

Memoirs of a Beautiful Mess

November, oh November.

I felt dysfunctional. I’m whole but torn up inside. I was standing on the platform, but I felt unstable. I felt alone.

Friends come and go, they say. I think that was tattooed on my mind so I don’t want to be too attached to friends. I fear they might disappear.

In my life, I have welcomed new people, new friends. These friends, we laugh together, bond together, we have known each other until we became really close. I learned to love these people but still not giving them my best like I had given before. Long time ago, we were deserted by a friend and I have moved on. But I have learned a lesson; that no matter how you want to hold on to the friendship, sometimes it just slips out of your hands. And sadly, I’m still carrying that pain in my heart. And I just realized that this month. I didn’t know I was still walking in the darkness of my past friendship. The fear of trusting again, I still carry it even to my new friends. I didn’t know that .Because of this, I have hurt my friends. I hurt them because I don’t notice the little things they do for me. I don’t appreciate the things they do. This is because I know that it’ll be just temporary. But they changed my perspective. They taught me that yes it is true. Friends really do come and go but that shouldn’t hinder me from being happy and giving my best to my friends. Don’t be afraid to trust again because yes, there will come a time when they will leave you and you’ll leave them but at least, you became happy being with them. While it’s still there, treasure every moment you get. And that is such a rewarding feeling.

And I feel whole and alive. I am standing proudly on a platform. I feel someone’s at my back.

Memoirs of a Beautiful Mess PART 2

Memoirs of a Beautiful Mess

December: A season of love, indeed. And I’d like to think this month is memorable. It is a successful month, I believe, because I have spread love not caring if I’ll get in return. This month, I had a great achievement, a great leap in my life for I learned how to share love to the best I can. I showed love in little ways and It feels so damn good. It feels so good making someone happy, making someone smile. What is so special about this achievement? Well, I’m really a type of person who is willing to give love but you know, still at the back of my mind, I want to receive in return, the same way I had given it. But this time, it did not matter if the care or help I gave will be reciprocated. The important thing is, I know that I’m happy giving love. And I super thank the Mayans for they mistakenly predicted that December 21 is the doom’s day, because it allowed me to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I said things I wouldn’t have said. This month of December, I’ve never been this better. I feel free. I feel energized. I feel like I have to treasure every single moment, which is really good to feel. This month, a lot of problems were encountered but I feel stronger than them and I am happy solving them one by one. I learned how to love life. it is surprising because I honestly want more of those “end of the world” days, because that’s the only time I make a move. I even told a guy friend how I love it when he makes fun of me and makes me laugh. I, Ma. Vanessa P. Hidalgo, would never do such crazy thing, but I did! And I feel so proud of myself because personally, I don’t say what I feel or think. I was braver and stronger.

This December, it wasn’t all about good happy things. In December, I experienced a heart break. Yes, I listened to sad songs and stayed in my room telling myself how I hate him so much. But, I guess, it was the best heartbreak ever. It taught me lessons. How life can be like a rollercoaster sometimes and how love hurts. But I was thankful to experience these emotions, because how can I expect myself to grow without being hurt. It taught me what to prioritize; that love is not the thing for me right now. I’ll just concentrate on the more important things. So, help me God. J And the greatest thing I got from this, is that I realized how strong I can be. To smile even though you’re going through a lot. And yes, I am proud of myself. So, thank you for the guy who broke this fragile heart of mine, because look at me now, You have made me stronger. And I do not regret meeting him at all, because at one time he served as my inspiration when I’m losing strength and at one time, he was the reason of my happiness. You have taught me so many things and thank you for being part of my life. What a painful yet wonderful experience to end my year! I look forward to the year 2013 and I hope that the lessons I have learned in December will be applied to all the months of my life. I ♥ December.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Girl: Are you happy?

Devil: Direct and straight forward, huh? Well, what do you think?

Girl: I don’t know. Are you happy?

Devil: Well yes, I am happy. Business is really growing bigger and better.

Girl: A business?

Devil: Yes. I offer services. I sell things.

Girl: What are those services? What do you sell?

Devil: Fame, power, fortune, magic, sex. Anything! But they come with prices.

Girl: Are they affordable?

Devil: Anyone can afford anything they want because I don’t take money as payment.

Girl: What do you ask for then?

Devil: You have to promise that you’ll keep this secret.

Girl: Okay.

Devil: Because I only tell this to costumers, unless you want to avail these services of mine?

Girl: Um, no thanks.

Devil: Oh dear, are you sure?

Girl: Yes, now tell me, what do you ask for?

Devil: I don’t ask for something, I need you to give up something.

Girl: What is it?

Devil: Your faith. Your faith in God. Because it is me who you’ll worship from then on.

Girl: So, faith…why not money?

Devil: I don’t need money. I have people to rob the banks, then I’ll have money. But faith, you can’t just buy that anywhere. It’s in people’s hearts and souls and I want to take it away from them.

Girl: Why?

Devil: Because I don’t have it. If I don’t have it, you shouldn’t have it too.

Girl: Isn’t that selfish?

Devil: What? I am a devil. I am bad and selfish.

Girl: Oh.

Devil: So do you want to avail these services of mine? Fame, fortune, power! Anything, dear!

Girl: No. I don’t need those. I don’t need your fame, fortune, power. I need my faith in God because that’s what will give me strength to live, to conquer my fears, to face my problems. Faith in God is what will save me. Faith in God is what I need to live.

Devil: Too bad, my dear. Well then, I’ll go ahead. I have tons of transactions to take care of. Toodles!

Say You Love Me Too by Vanessa Hidalgo

Say You Love Me Too by Vanessa Hidalgo

March 11, 2012 8:20 pm

Verse 1:

What is it about you,

That keeps me smiling all day?

What is it about you,

That makes my heart race?

The moment you put your hand on my shoulder

My body felt weak

There’s magic between your fingertips.


You are the reason why I wake up with a smile

You are the reason, though I try to hide it

I wonder if you feel the same way too…

If I say I love you, would you say you love me too?

Please honey, say you love me too.

Verse 2:

What is it about you

I see you everywhere I go

What is it about you

I want to take it nice and slow

You have the energy that pulls me towards you

I just can’t control

There’s magic between you and me.


You are the reason why I wake up with a smile

You are the reason, though I try to hide it

I wonder if you feel the same way too…

If I say I love you, would you say you love me too?

Please honey, say you love me too.


And you keep running through my mind

It’s crazy, ‘cause it happens all the time

It’s you who I want to be with forever

It’s you who I want to show to my father

How to get a guy’s attention:

How to get a guy’s attention:

1. Act dumb. If he asks you your name, say “Oh, I don’t know.” Or if he asks where you study, tell him, “Um, I forgot.”  If he asks you a question, anything, act like your dog’s smarter than you. With that coy smile. Oh my gosh. He will surely love it!

2. Don’t be yourself. I mean, who would want to date you if you are being yourself, that’s just pathetic. They’re just saying that. He wants you to be someone you’re not.

3. Whenever you say something, add a grunt at the end of your statement. A little grr is sexy, trust me. Like, “Hey how are you?”, you’ll be like “I’m fine, grr.” And no, he’s not going to think it’s weird or creepy. Do it and he’ll be putty in your hands, grr!

4. Put too much make up. It should look like you have a cake on your face. You do not want to look natural. Guys hate natural beauty. Treat everyday like it’s foundation day.

5. Good luck, ladies. Remember, if this doesn’t work out, it is because he was intimidated by your greatness and perfection.

*I’m a bad cheetah ;)*

okay, if you don’t get it, im just trying to be sarcastic. okay? okay. 🙂

It is easier said than done because sometimes, it’s just the way it is. You have to bend with them so you won’t break. You need to conform to them so you won’t be hurt, bullied, and whatever peer pressures out there. You know you’re right but everyone else is doing it, so why not give a try? We want to be cool. We want to be part of the “in crowd”. What’s worse in here is that, it is a big no-no to voice out your beliefs. If your beliefs are not same with their beliefs, you’re out. Sometimes, you want to break free from them but you worry that you’re life will be ruined without them. Which is not true. Get out of your shell. Do not compromise your beliefs just to be “cool” and “in”. If you keep on trying to be like them, then eventually you would lose your identity. Don’t let that happen, because you are wonderful in your own ways. “Cool” disappears after high school.


People say we should just go with the flow. People said that would be easier. It would lessen your burdens. It would make your life more manageable. But think about it this way, what if you don’t like the path of the flow? Would you still follow it or would you have the courage to oppose it? If you ask me, I would definitely stand firm and oppose the flow. I would definitely fight and do what I want. What if the flow is really opposite of your principles? Would you still follow it? Of course not! You should have what it takes to fight for your own will.

I want to have my own will. I don’t want anyone to take it away from me. This will is the only thing that gives me my own actions. It gives me the privilege to be me. It gives me the…

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I fell, I fell in love

I fell, I fell in love

I was getting my things in the locker, and felt someone looking at me.

Serena: What you lookin’ at?

Troy: Hot tempered again, eh?

Serena: Then quit looking at me.

Troy: What if I don’t want to?

Serena: Then I’m going to shout for help here. Or I could just kick you in the crotch?

Troy: You can’t do that.

Serena: I sure can.

Troy: No.

Serena: Yes.

Troy: Then do it.

Serena: And why not? I can do martial arts, you know?

As I prepared to kick him, I didn’t notice I stepped on the newly mopped floor.

Serena: Ahhhh!

But I didn’t fell, because he caught me.

I looked into his eyes. They’re beautiful. I thought he was leaning in, and so I closed my eyes.

I waited and waited and opened my eyes.

But he was looking at me with a frown.

Troy: What’s wrong with you? What if I did not catch you?

He helped me up.

Serena: But you did, so….

Troy: Still, you should not do that again, especially you’re not even a martial artist.

And then he went.

And I smiled on my way out, like nothing happened, but actually I was shouting and jumping for joy!