“ I looooove what you’re wearing!”, said Trisha.

“Oh please, of course you like it. Everyone likes it. Look, all the boys stare at me. I think they like me.” I answered. “Hi boys!” I winked at one of the guys I find the cutest.

“Alicia, what is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me?! Nothing. Everything in me is perfect. My hair, my nails, my clothes. Oh wait, can you hold my drink for me? I just need to look in the mirror and check for my make-up.”

She held my cup of tea and waited as I busied myself looking in the mirror.

“You know what? I love being me. I mean, you know, perfect and all.”

“Can I have a sip? I feel tired because actually, you’ve already been looking at yourself in the mirror for an hour now and I’m already holding this drink of yours for an hour now”, said Trisha.

“A sip?! Are you kidding me? I, Alicia Rivera, would not allow a low form of being have a sip of the same tea as I have. I mean, you’re already lucky breathing the same air as I do, you should be thankful. And you holding that drink, it’s not a chore, honey. It is a privilege.”


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