I opened my eyes. My head throbbed. I looked up and the sun peeked through the blinds. I try to get up and remember what happened last night. Dalton. I remember him approaching me. Last night, it felt amazing. I got to talk to him and he made me laugh a lot of times. We got more drinks through the night and talked some more. Our conversation went deep, until we ran out of things to say. And then, he looked me in the eyes. The kind of look that pierces my soul. The look that devours my being. I got lost in his eyes. The place was blurry and smoky. I remember him, carrying me to his car, my head on his shoulders, my arms dangled around his neck. I breathed in deeply and he smelled like peppermint, like a forest. Electricity rushed through my body. Happiness, confusion, anticipation, the longing.

I remembered all of these until Dalton wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck softly.

“good morning”, he said with a smile. I felt his boxers brushing my thighs. I looked at the clock on the table by the bed.

“I have to go.” my head hurts and my body felt weak but I still pulled myself up the bed. I buttoned my shirt, put my jeans on and tiptoed my way to the door. And then, quietly, silently left his room.


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