I was fixing my hair in the dressing room when someone knocked the door.

“Lindsay, this is me.”

“Come in”. Robert, my manager, walked into the room. He’s been with me through everything, back when I was still doing minor roles, until now, when I finally became a celebrity.

“The recording company said they want you to release your debut album on September, but I said you don’t have the time to do it because of your hectic schedule. First, you have 3 movies to shoot, and then 10 commercial ads are lining up. You have guestings in 5 talk shows and I’m concerned about you and your health. You are not eating and sleeping right anymore.”

“What the hell, Robert?! That is a major recording company. Of course, I’ll do that.”

“But Lindsay, just give it to someone else. Besides, you already have lots of projects.”

“I don’t care. I want to do that. I can do that, all of them. I know I can. This is my life, Robert. You’re just my manager. I’ll do what I want. And I want to do all of those.”

“But Lindsay, I’m talking here as your friend and not as your manager. Look in the mirror. Look at you. You are tired. You are exhausted, Lindsay. You don’t need that, you have more than enough.”

“God, c..c…could p..please s..stop a..acting like kno..ow me better than my..m.myself. I..I c..can do” The whole place is whirling. My knees are wobbly. The place gets blurry and dim. I try to hold on to anything I can grasp but nothing, no one’s around. And as my eyes shut, all I see is Robert looking down at me.


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