I sat on a chair by the window and looked out the streets. My hands started searching for a pen and a notebook and started writing. I put the notebook down, on my table as I finished. I read the words and it said:

I look around and there she was

Beautiful in everything she does.

And here I am, facing a book

Wishing someone would give me a second look.


She’s perfect in very way

Dances gracefully with every sway

When she passes everyone stops and stares

But she acts like she doesn’t care.



 Now dark thoughts start lingering my mind

Of destroying her in every way I find

I don’t care if I’m wrong because all I want

Is for her to get out of my sight.


I want to tear her down like she’s a prey

Break her bones, and let her decay

These thought I have are all because

I’m green with envy, isn’t it obvious?”


I tore the page off the notebook, crumpled it.


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