I clench my fist, tight enough that my nails dig my palm. Every nerve is electrified. Anytime, I could burst. I look in the mirror. I see someone. His face is crumbling, sinking. His eyes are red, with hatred. I close my eyes. I could feel the beating of my heart. So loud. So fast. Everything is too late now. I cannot be saved anymore. The feelings that bottled up my chest are ready to explode. It could hurt anyone. even her. Even myself.

I want to hurt her. Break her. Tear her. Burn every single piece of her body. I punch the mirror. The pieces are shattered. Like my dreams, my future, my life. My knuckles bleed. I feel no pain. I go out and search for something. My hands find itself a gun. And I think this must be the cure. I place it on my skull and shot the bullet right through my brain. I feel no pain. Just anger.


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