How-to Save Money:

How-to Save Money:

1. Pretend you forgot your wallet. “Do you mind if you pay for me first? I forgot my wallet. I’ll pay you tomorrow”. There is a big chance she’ll forget about this. Do this once a month and you’ll be rich in no time.

2. Go to grocery stores and look for “free taste” sections. Always complain about the food until you have tried everything. “I don’t really like those crackers, imma move to the next one”.  You’re going out of that grocery store happy, full, and satisfied.

3. Running out of shampoo? Get the empty bottle, just add water then shake. Voila! You have just made more shampoo!

4. Keep an eye out for vending machines for they might have not retrieved change or loose food item that is about to fall off. Just be careful to not shake the vending machine when someone’s around.

6. Wear sunglasses, dirty clothes and get messy hair. Sing sad tragic songs in the streets. And they’ll be like, “Poor fellow, I should give her money”.

7. Avoid watching movies in the cinemas. Just ask your friends to tell stories about what happened in “One More Try”. Make an excuse by telling how you were so busy you can’t afford watching it anymore.

8. Go to lost and found sections and look for great items that come for free. Always remember the quote, finder’s keepers, loser’s weepers.

9. One square of toilet paper is enough.

10. Let your dog sleep on your bed and it may serve as a heater. What a brilliant way to save electricity!


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