Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Girl: Are you happy?

Devil: Direct and straight forward, huh? Well, what do you think?

Girl: I don’t know. Are you happy?

Devil: Well yes, I am happy. Business is really growing bigger and better.

Girl: A business?

Devil: Yes. I offer services. I sell things.

Girl: What are those services? What do you sell?

Devil: Fame, power, fortune, magic, sex. Anything! But they come with prices.

Girl: Are they affordable?

Devil: Anyone can afford anything they want because I don’t take money as payment.

Girl: What do you ask for then?

Devil: You have to promise that you’ll keep this secret.

Girl: Okay.

Devil: Because I only tell this to costumers, unless you want to avail these services of mine?

Girl: Um, no thanks.

Devil: Oh dear, are you sure?

Girl: Yes, now tell me, what do you ask for?

Devil: I don’t ask for something, I need you to give up something.

Girl: What is it?

Devil: Your faith. Your faith in God. Because it is me who you’ll worship from then on.

Girl: So, faith…why not money?

Devil: I don’t need money. I have people to rob the banks, then I’ll have money. But faith, you can’t just buy that anywhere. It’s in people’s hearts and souls and I want to take it away from them.

Girl: Why?

Devil: Because I don’t have it. If I don’t have it, you shouldn’t have it too.

Girl: Isn’t that selfish?

Devil: What? I am a devil. I am bad and selfish.

Girl: Oh.

Devil: So do you want to avail these services of mine? Fame, fortune, power! Anything, dear!

Girl: No. I don’t need those. I don’t need your fame, fortune, power. I need my faith in God because that’s what will give me strength to live, to conquer my fears, to face my problems. Faith in God is what will save me. Faith in God is what I need to live.

Devil: Too bad, my dear. Well then, I’ll go ahead. I have tons of transactions to take care of. Toodles!


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