Are we too dependent on internet?

Are we too dependent on internet? Yes. It is true; internet is one of the greatest inventions made in history. Without it, our lives would have been so difficult. It paved the way for globalization and served as a means for communication, advertisements, businesses and such. Where do you listen to music? Where do you […]

“DATE ME?” Should girls ask boys out?

Should girls ask boys out? Women have been allowed to study, work professionally and have been given the power to choose, decide and to lead in politics. Women are not stereotyped as the ones being left at home doing all household chores anymore. Women, as a matter of fact, have been really successful in many […]


STRESSED OUT?   Have you ever felt there’s so much drama Sitting here waiting for good karma I looked at my desk; there are so many things to do My head starts to throb; I want to sue all of you.   Deprived of sleep, dark circles around my eyes form But I look at […]